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Tough Promotion Decisions

Reality Check: I have three direct reports who are very loyal and hardworking supervisors. These employees have worked for the organization for over ten years. I have recently hired a fourth supervisor with better leadership skills. I would like to promote this newcomer to a manager's position without hurting the feelings of my current supervisors. HR has recommended that I create the new management position and interview all internal candidates and then select the most qualified. What would be an effective crucial conversation with these supervisors?

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Approaching a Hard-To-Please Boss

Reality Check: I have a problem at work involving a boss who is never satisfied. Our department has the highest ratings possible and yet our annual letter from the boss always says, "I know we have the potential to be good." This wording sounds as if we are not good now, despite having the highest possible ratings. How can I show my boss that a more positive approach would improve employee morale and help productivity?

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